Yogi Plate

Sattvic Cooking Classes at the temple

with H.G. Radhavallabha Prabhu (RNS)

from Chowpatty, Mumbai


Thursday, 21.6.18 – 4pm to 8pm

Saturday, 23.6.18 – 4pm to 8pm


Satvik food not only insists on fresh and quality ingredients, clean cooking methods, but also a tidy mental disposition of the cooks. Fresh ingredients are gift of God so they are naturally good. So what really makes food great is the skill and (even more importantly) the attitude of the cook. Cooks, like mothers, need to maintain a positive, loving and compassionate attitude towards the people they cook for. The food thus prepared will notably nourish the body and mind of consumer.

Radhavallabha, Founder of YogiPlate, a monk of Bhakti Tradition, Yoga Teacher and compiler of a Cook Book, is an Engineer from prestigious IIT Mumbai. But his real engagement since past 20 years is in Satvik cooking-Head Chef ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai (10 years), personal Chef of Radhanath Swami since past 15 years, set up Pizzeria for Govindas Restaurant, Head Chef for Kumbha Mela & Yatra Kitchens etc. He regularly gives spiritual and health related discourses and conducts Yoga and Cooking workshops




Facebook: radhavallabha.mumbai

email: rv@yogiplate.com


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