“Spiritual Recharge” Weekend Workshop

3-5 May | Hare Krishna Temple Zürich


Spiritual Recharge” Weekend Workshop —

Overcoming disturbances and impediments in bhakti


A study of nine illusions and nine enlightened perspectives and their effect on our emotional lives, based on the Bhāgavatam and depth psychology.

Misconceptions and faulty ideas about Krishna, ourselves and the world damage our spiritual enthusiasm and hurt our faith. But when we learn to see without the veil of mistaken ideas, we develop deeper trust and surrender. With proper understanding and perception (sambandha), our devotional service gradually grows free of offenses, faults and deviations, toward a state of harmony, empowerment and steady confidence.

Drawing from the sacred text of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa and spiritual depth psychology, we will explore nine false views of existence, as contrasted to spiritual enlightenment. Each session will provide you with a message for living a life of spiritual integrity. Welcome to a transformative course on the dimensions of ignorance (avidyā) and enlightenment (vijñāna) as a means of overcoming disturbances in your spiritual life.

Teaching Approach

Today we often encounter an artificial separation between spirituality and therapeutic growth. Many schools of mainstream psychology have failed to take into account a broader spiritual perspective. In turn many spiritual communities dismiss psychology in the name of transcendence. The unique feature of Iskcon SoulLab is the inclusion of psychological understanding in spiritual work. Ours is a whole-person approach, one that embraces our widest spiritual potential, while simultaneously addressing the blocks in our psyche, lifestyle and relationships. By translating the timeless legacy of Bhakti into the real context and needs of our lives here and now, we facilitate the art of spiritual transformation in a pure, relevant and dynamic manner, bringing about an engagement in a profound and grounded spirituality.

Course Background

A theme in Western mystical and philosophical tradition has been the concept of Holy Ideas or nine divine forms, describing fundamental spiritual qualities of reality. This idea found its way from Greece to Egypt where it was embraced by the Desert Fathers, early Christian monks, who studied the loss of enlightenment in ego consciousness, through nine “Deadly Sins”. Since the source of all spiritual ideas is found in the Vedas in their original, unadulterated form, our purpose in this workshop is to undertake a commentary on the Holy Ideas and the core illusions as expressed and illuminated by the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam.


Ratna-bhūṣaṇa-bhūṣaṇā dāsa is a disciple of His Grace Ravīndra Svarūpa Prabhu. Based in Sweden, he serves as the Program Director of Iskcon SoulLab, a holistic center of spiritual education and transformation in Bhakti Yoga. He is a Pastoral Counselor with a background in Educational Science, Sanskrit and Depth Psychology.


Practical Information


Day 1 | Friday (3 May) @ 6.30-8.30PM (2H)

Day 2 | Saturday (4 May) @ 11AM-1PM (2H) / Lunch / 2-5PM (3H)

Day 3 | Sunday (5 May) @ 11AM-2PM (3H)


Iskcon Zurich

Bergstrasse 54

Workshop Room: Temple Library


Course on Donation Basis

(to cover costs: material, refreshments, lunch, transport, etc.)

To Be Deposited with Krishna Premarupa Prabhu (on the 1st day).


Pre-Registration Required (Deadline: Wednesday 1 May)

Enroll By Writing To info@soul-lab.com with Your Name & Email

with the Subject Heading “Spiritual Recharge @ Iskcon Zurich 2019”

Highlights | What To Expect


A well-organized and structured workshop, guided by an experienced group leader, including short mindfulness meditations and kirtan during session openings, and regular breaks with light refreshments at hourly intervals.


An enlivening and compassionate experience of community, the chance to connect with fellow practitioners on a personal level by sharing constructive reflections with authenticity in a healthy environment for deepening your Krishna consciousness.


A holistic approach where we honor the divine as well as the humane, with a mature sense of excitement, optimism and confidence about the spiritual journey, in an environment of warmth and care where you feel safe and respected.


Learning incredibly insightful information and eliminating misunderstandings, offering an ideal chance for introspection and in-depth thinking about your spiritual life, and a chance to get in touch with uplifting, healing states (sattva) and divine inspiration from Krishna.

Additional Remarks


Whether you are a new devotee in need of guidance along the path, an initiated sadhaka seeking answers to subtle disturbances and blocks, or a seasoned practitioner in need of some rekindling of hope and deeper change, this workshop will be an empowering experience for you.


After taking this workshop, you will be able to identify the false ego’s basic lies, learn to recognize a distortion even when it feels real, self-correct by connecting with the empowering truth, and learn the principles required for a direct experience of the enlightened perspectives.


Notebook and pen (or a laptop). A commitment to attend the whole workshop. A curious, open mind, without prejudice about psychological understanding in spiritual work. A sincere desire for the empowerment of your personal transformation and quest for Bhakti.


Issues that seriously interfere with your energy level, thinking ability, or experience of reality require direct clinical help. Deeper traumas, chronic depression, panic attacks, addictions, strong victim patterns and mental-emotional disorders belong more properly to the area of therapy and are outside of the scope of this workshop.


Day 1 | Friday

Opening Session

Introduction & Foundations: The Matrix of Illusion & The Elixit of Enlightenment

Day 2 | Saturday

Theme 1

Everything is ultimately Spiritual Vs The Illusion of Material Duality

(“There is something else besides Krishna, threatening, harsh and hostile.”)

Theme 2

The Absolute Loveliness of the Self Vs The Illusion of Not Being Lovable

(“I don’t have inside of me anything that is wonderful, beautiful or valuable.”)

Theme 3

The Functioning of Krishna is Always Right Vs The Illusion of Imperfection & Deficiency

(“Things don’t measure up to my expectations. Things are not as they should be.”)

Theme 4

Every Good Thing Happens by the Loving Will of Krishna Vs The Illusion of an Independent Good Will (“Without my goodwill and tireless efforts, goodness will not flower.”)

Theme 5

Krishna Is the Ultimate Doer Vs The Illusion of Independent Doership

(“I have to take things into my own hands to make them happen.”)

Theme 6

The Self is Eternally Krishna’s Beloved Vs The Illusion of Being Abandoned

(“I’m the exception to grace — estranged, alienated and lost.”)

Theme 7

The Unity & Fellowship of All Souls Vs The Illusion of Isolation & Separateness

(“I’m cut off from others. Maybe all love is mere seduction, a show.”)

Theme 8

Spiritual Nature & Grace Really Exists Vs The Illusion of Pessimism & Doubt

(“The world is a dangerous place, human nature is bad, and there is no loving God.”)

Theme 9

Everything is Unfolding According To Krishna’s Plan Vs The Illusion of Being the Architect of Our Own Fortune (“I need to plan my growth and happiness, so my future experiences will be optimal.”)

Day 3 | Sunday

Closing Session

Application & Discussion: Moving Toward Realization, The 5 Factors of Enlightenment