Seminare im Juli

*DESTRESS WITH NATURE* *Stress Management Through Mindfulness*

Brought to you by Krishna Temple Zurich

July 6th, Saturday, 4pm to 7pm

@Krishna Temple Zurich

Limited Seats. Register Soon! *


– Find inner calm, stability and happiness .

– Hone your intuition and open your senses .

– Good health, increased focus & inner clarity .

– Mindfulness tools, forest bathing & activities


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Limited Seats. Register Soon.


– 4:00pm: Meet and Brief at the Zoo Tram Station. Walk towards the park. Introduction to the activity

– 4:30 pm to 6:15pm: Destress With Nature Activity , Guided Meditative Forest walk and Bathing(Shinrinyoku) , Introspection + Solitude

– 6:15 pm to 7:15pm: Guided Chakra Meditation to Destress , Writing and Sharing, Mindfulness Tools for Stress Management

– 7:15pm: Walk to Krishna temple for dinner


Namita Purohit , Life Alignment Coach, Healer & Trainer *

Testimonials from past retreats:

Namita… Thank you so much for being a wonderful guide and for your empathy. This time spent in your healing association will help me in my journey and my inner work.

Big thank you Namita for the rendezvous with my true self and for connecting me with wonderful people. This will go long way ! Keep healing , Keep smiling !!! ______________________________________________________________________


_*Sunday , July 7th, 6:00pm to 7:15pm @Krishna Temple, Zurich*_


Email your name and number to

Ritucharya or Seasonal Regimen centered around diet and lifestyle recommended by Ayurveda to cope with the physical and mental impacts caused by seasonal changes. The recommendations helps us build physical strength and mental capability to battle ailments that may happen due to seasonal changes. In addition to that, it balances all the three doshas in our body and keeps us fit and healthy throughout the year. The descriptions of Seasons in Ayurveda are easy to map to Indian weather. In this workshop we give you the mapping of the Ayurvedic descriptions of Seasons to ZURICH weather along with the food recommendations.

– Correlate Ayurvedic Descriptions of Seasons vs Seasons in Zurich

– Prescriptions for diet, activities & lifestyle

– Good health a foundation for spiritual progress

– Reference: Ashtanga Hrdayam_ *


Namita Purohit, Life Alignment Coach, Healer and Trainer