Seminar ‚`Krishna Conscious Astrology`

`Krishna Conscious Astrology` – 28-29th of April 2017

A Seminar by Sri Radha Govinda Mataji and Manohar Pandit Prabhu

(Bitte beachtet, dass das Seminar in Englischer Sprache gegeben wird.)

Learn ways to avoid pitfalls of wrong astrology and astrologers. Understood deeper concepts of seeing Krishna`s hand in different planetary periods

Seminars includes the following topics:

1) Advantages and disadvantages of astrology and qualifications of an astrologer
2) Deep inner and spiritual meaning of each planets and their significance in our own life
3) Effective time management according to planets. Learn to use Panchanga.
4) Learn simple but efficient ways to find compatible matches.
Teachers :

Manohar Pandit Prabhu from Italy; writer, editor and associated astrologer of MAPSS (Mayapur Astrologic and Psychosomatic Sacred Sciences). He learned Sanskrit both in Europe and at the Srimad-bhagavataVidyapitam in Govardhana, India; he holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and a bachelor degree in music. He has taught History of Indian Music at the Vicenza Conservatory, Italy.

Sri Radha Govinda Dasi, From Bangalore, disciple of HH Jayapataka Maharaja; she has a Bhakti-sastri and a Bhakti-vaibhava degree; President of MAPSS (Mayapur Astrologic & Psychosomatic Sacred Science and Project Director of Bhakti Marriages (online premarital courses), a department of the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry She serves as a psychotherapist, as an astrologer and as a personality analyst. She authored the following books:

How to Mess Up Your Life with Astrology
Nakshatra – reach your hidden potential
Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny
Are You Ready for Saturn?
The Wild Side. Inside – Going beyond the influence of Rahu and Ketu
Date/Time: Friday, 28th of April 6-9pm
Saturday, 29th of April 10am-1pm & 2-4pm
(1pm Lunch Prasadam break)

Location: Library, 1st floor, Bergstrasse 54, Hare Krishna Temple Zurich

Costs: The Course is on a Donation basis