Saturday-Seminar`s with H.G. Akrura Prabhu

Saturdy, 5.January 2019 – 5pm to 8pm

Seminar 1:

How to Choose Our Reaction in Disturbing or Challenging Situations?

– Choice Map

– Stimulus Response Model

– Stop and think

– Connect to higher intelligence

Saturday, 19.January 2019 – 5pm to 8pm

Seminar 2:

Develop a Spiritual and Positive Inner Dialogue

– Bg 17.1

– „My dear Lord“ and „My dear mind“

– How to stop self-sabotage

Venue: ISKCON Zurich, Bergstrasse 54, 8032 Zurich – Temple library, First Floor

Price: The Seminars are offered on Donation Basis

About the Teacher:

Since 2009, Akrura dasa travels around the world helping devotees succeed by personal coaching and success seminars and classes. He has coached around 1000 devotees over the past 18 years. /